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P2 HD on longest motion control track

May 30th, 2010

We just completed a shoot for Foghound Studios using the motion control rig from REFLEX Motion Control. As far as we can tell it is the longest track ever done in South Africa using motion control. The shot required a 40m track and because of the limited length of the cables we had to track the control box next to the rig. See add at bottom of page.

Peter Constantatos

Peter Constantatos, Reflex Motion Control

 Peter Constantatos is a master of his craft and brought a lot of knowlege to the shoot. We also had Peter Firstenberg from Shine on set to test each pass, adding to the ensured success of the project.

Pete from Shine with Les from Foghound on setOn set with Pete from Shine and Les from Foghound

My Panasonic P2 HD camera was perfect for this project. We operated the camera by remote control from the tech table and by comparing each take to the previous one, I was able to grade shots to match. Playback was performed using the stand-alone HMR10 HD recorder.

HD recorder

HD recorder

Once again we shot in AVC INTRA 100 codec at 1920×1080 resolution, which integrates well with the software used by Firstenberg for the compositing. Footage was ingested on set directly from P2 card into Mocha tracking/roto software and After Effetcts in native MXF file format.

Panasonic HPX2100 P2 HD camera on motion control rig

  Panasonic HPX2100 P2 HD camera on motion control rig

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