On set photos

Bobby Van Jaarsveld

Ross Learmonth and Gavin Davies on set for the music video “Innocence”

Midnight data management after the Prime Circle Teatro concert

Rigging the F55 on the SFH-50 motion control rig

On set for Nandos

Shooting slomo footage for the Dubai food festival

Ross Learmonth from Prime Circle on set for the music video “Innocence”

Backstage at Teatro for Prime Circle “If you don’t you never will”

Me acting as safety diver in the Montecasino hotel pool while we were shooting the Tsogo Sun TV commercial

The crew on the BBC series “Size matters”

Tanya van Graan in the Prime Circle music video “Pretty like the sun”
Mustang P51 belonging to Meno Parsons at Rand Airshow.

Ross Learmonth – Prime Circle. Looking at a shot on the set for music video for “Ghosts” Directed by Gavin Davis.
My Sony F55 on set. Wooden Camera mattebox and Tokina Cinema ATX lenses.
Marius operating the F55 on the set of Why Size Matters BBC
The beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV in studio. Lighting by Willem Viljoen.
Spa scene
Spa scene on the Emperors Palace TVC
Thuli Sangweni on the Satiskin shoot
Thuli Sangweni on the Satiskin shoot. Panasonic Varicam.
Leandie Du Randt
Leandie Du Randt on the set of AXE TVC
Stephen Patterson - Paradox Films
Stephen Patterson – Paradox Films. On set for BMW X3 launch film.