Varicam for MTN and World Cup

The Fanpark at Montecasino
The Fanpark at Montecasino

In June/July 2010 I worked with Omage on covering the events around the World Cup for MTN. Peter Blond from Omage decided to shoot on HD for this production to ensure that the footage will be relevant for a few years, giving MTN value for the money spent. We were not allowed into the stadium with the camera but our focus was mainly on MTN’s activities during the event and supporters at the fanpark were as enthusiastic as the lucky ones in the stadium. 

The ability to shoot slomotion was a big advantage in this situation where we tried to capture the atmosphere and emotion of the crowd. Another great feature is the pre-record function. I would find a couple of interesting faces in the crowd and leave the camera in buffer until they reacted to a play. When you hit the start button the camera starts recording the previous 8 seconds in the buffer, making sure you never miss a thing! 

Now that's AYOBA! 
Now that’s AYOBA!