Gigapan Epic PRO

Gigapan is a computer controlled pan/tilt system which enables you to shoot photographs in great detail. The system works by breaking up a panorama of any size into blocks. Each of these blocks is made up of the full resolution images as shot by the camera. Using Gigapan’s stitch software, these blocks are assembled to create the ultra high resolution images. Try the image below, zoom into Madiba’s face by using the controls on the left side of the image.

This Image is made up of 40 images of 16Mega pixels but images containing over 6000 images can be seen on Gigapan’s website gallery.

What is the practical application of Gigapan?

  • Visitors can be attracted to your website by the sheer novelty of these amazing images.
  • Photographs of areas that are too wide for any lens to capture can be shot using this system.
  • High resolution images of your building or your product i.e. a Caterpillar vehicle, can be produced for large display prints.
  • Background plates for special effects films can be created.

Visit the Gigapan site gallery for some more images.