Blackmagic 4K Production Camera

The Blackmagic 4K Production Camera is a CMOS camera with a Super35 Global sensor. My camera is the EF model which utilizes Canon EF mount lenses. I currently have 8-16mm zoom, 14mm, 35mm and 85mm lenses with cine gears as well as 16-24mm, 24-60mm, 70-200mm and 600mm in Canon L series lenses.

The camera records to a solid state drive in three codecs. You can choose DNxHD for Avid workflow, ProRes 422HQ for Final Cut workflow or Cinema RAW DNG for 4K Da Vinci resolve workflow. All the formats give you the option to shoot in a log gamma or in REC709. The DNG files have to be processed through Da Vinci resolve where they are graded and then output in a file/codec of your choice.

Outputs include HD-SDI through a BNC connector or Thunderbolt which connects to a Mac to allow recording straight to the Mac or monitoring through Blackmagic Ultrascope. Ultrascope shows various analyses tools like waveform and vectorscope as well as the recorded image.

I have used the camera on a couple of projects and I am very impressed with the image quality. Graded images look fantastic with large dynamic range and very little noise even at 800ISO. Operation is a bit of a workaround for someone who works mostly on the Varicam and Sony F55 with a beautiful colour eyepiece. The latest firmware enables Histogram and audio meters on screen as well as the ability to format the SSD in-camera.

I can see no reason why people would still choose to shoot on the Canon 5D as the quality from the Blackmagic camera is far superior and the depth of field is just right. There will always be those people who like knocking their heads on a concrete wall though. Go ahead, we’ll put you on YouTube.