Willem Viljoen

Willem 2015 from Willem Viljoen on Vimeo.

PRIME CIRCLE GHOSTS (Directors Cut)-HD from Willem Viljoen on Vimeo.


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Willem Viljoen is an independent cameraman and Director of Photography, and owner of a range of the latest high definition cameras and equipment.  Willem specializes in television commercials and helicopter shoots, and also has extensive experience in documentaries and TV drama series.  His resumé includes a short television movie called The Mamtsotsi Bird.  (See this movie on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OH_crJuIzA.)

On location for BMW

Willem has won, together with Creative Vision Interactive, a Gold Loerie award for Television Cigarettes and Tobacco: Smokenders “Balcony”

a Loerie Craft award for Audio Visual Cinematography: BMW X5 launch

and a Loerie Craft award for Audio Visual Cinematography: DCSA C-Class launch.

Willem started his career at the South African Broadcasting Corporation in 1981, working his way up from Junior Cameraman, to Principal Cameraman on large scale television dramas.  He has been working freelance as a Director of Photography in television commercials since 1987, and is willing to accept commissions for any shoots in Southern Africa.  Willem edits his work using Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.


Sony F55 with AXS-R5 RAW 4K recorder.

Sony F55 with AXS-R5 RAW 4K recorder.

HPX2100 P2 Camera

He owns a Sony F55 RAW 4K camera, Panasonic HPX2700 P2 HD VARICAM camera and HPX2100 P2 HD camera with AVC INTRA 100 capability, also a Blackmagic 4k micro camera, Panasonic AC160, Blackmagic 4K Cinema camera and a Blackmagic Pocket camera.

The Panasonic AJ1400 HD video deck is used for ingesting footage, and Final Cut Pro for editing the final product.